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I love this spot from Volkswagen. From the song selection to the casting (including the dog with the perfect guilty look!) Hysterical. And it demonstrates a product feature/benefit – the convenience of keyless access – in an engaging and entertaining way. I could watch it over and over again. Kudos to VW!


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Here’s a few recent TV spots from around the world that I wouldn’t mind seeing on a TV near me:


I love this spot from Stella Artois. It’s so very smooth, just like the beer and the way I want to be perceived when drinking it.


This spot from New Zealand shows a variety of joyful sounds and scenes to share the joy – including, of course, Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate bar. Nicely done.


I’ve included the next spot mostly because it reminds me of a very successful promotion I helped develop and execute in Texas back in 1992 for Coca-Cola, called cashbox, in which we inserted real cash in 12-packs of Coke.


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