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I love this spot from Volkswagen. From the song selection to the casting (including the dog with the perfect guilty look!) Hysterical. And it demonstrates a product feature/benefit – the convenience of keyless access – in an engaging and entertaining way. I could watch it over and over again. Kudos to VW!


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Chevrolet and their agency, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, are taking some heat for their new ad campaign as reported in Advertising Age:Criticism of New Chevy Theme Line Runs Deep.” It appears numerous paid and unpaid critics alike have soundly bashed the campaign line, “Chevy Runs Deep,” going as far as to call it, “the worst ad slogan ever.”

For the record, I like it. Jeff Goodby is right, the tagline – sorry, theme line – actually did grow on me as I watched the spots and thought more about it. Chevy has deep roots in America. It runs deep in our hearts. Its heritage of excellence (once upon a time) also runs deep, yada, yada.

It’s actually a very good theme for this campaign. But that’s the problem. Chevy keeps going back to the well of its heritage. So, my take away from the campaign is, “been there, done that, same old Chevy.”

I want a new Chevy. A bold Chevy. One that takes some risks and brings me, and America, along with it into the future. Just like they did back in the days of Harley Earl. But, with the possible exception of the Volt spot (which seems like an over promise), I don’t think any of these spots tell me what Chevy is doing to take us on a ride into the future.

So, I’m left to wonder, is it the advertising that is mired in the past with little new to offer, or is it the product line?

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