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Do Executives Trust Data or Intuition in Decision-Making?

The article attached from Information Management,  reminded me of a real conversation I recently witnessed while waiting to meet with the CFO of a mid-sized manufacturer of consumer products:

CFO: I don’t know, would you bet a steak dinner on this data?
Analyst: Yes.
CFO: How about my vacation?
Analyst: Maybe.

The analyst was directed to re-run the data.

It seems, data based decision-making still faces skepticism and a healthy dose of gut feel.


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Stan Mack's Real MAD - MediaPost Publications, March 17, 2014

They liked it! My anxiety and relief well captured. As is the case with Stan Mack’s strips, this is a true story from when I presented a demo of a dashboard that we, New Madison Ave, had built for a well-know cable TV network. Stan pretty much captures exactly what happened that day.

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We interrupt this blog for a brief commercial message. Please view our brief introduction to New Madison Ave. We support the critical data needs of the CMO and their agencies and help them transform their marketing effectiveness by providing the technology, tools & insights necessary for making real-time decisions to create and prove value.

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