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We interrupt this blog for a brief commercial message. Please view our brief introduction to New Madison Ave. We support the critical data needs of the CMO and their agencies and help them transform their marketing effectiveness by providing the technology, tools & insights necessary for making real-time decisions to create and prove value.


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I love this spot from Volkswagen. From the song selection to the casting (including the dog with the perfect guilty look!) Hysterical. And it demonstrates a product feature/benefit – the convenience of keyless access – in an engaging and entertaining way. I could watch it over and over again. Kudos to VW!

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I love when creative and placement work together to create a relevant and memorable brand impression. This clever marriage of the message and the medium from BBC America drives homeĀ  the impression that BBC America delivers a serious, high quality product, while differentiating itself from the competition in a highly memorable way.

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