Do Executives Trust Data or Intuition in Decision-Making?

The article attached from Information Management,  reminded me of a real conversation I recently witnessed while waiting to meet with the CFO of a mid-sized manufacturer of consumer products:

CFO: I don’t know, would you bet a steak dinner on this data?
Analyst: Yes.
CFO: How about my vacation?
Analyst: Maybe.

The analyst was directed to re-run the data.

It seems, data based decision-making still faces skepticism and a healthy dose of gut feel.


Stan Mack's Real MAD - MediaPost Publications, March 17, 2014

They liked it! My anxiety and relief well captured. As is the case with Stan Mack’s strips, this is a true story from when I presented a demo of a dashboard that we, New Madison Ave, had built for a well-know cable TV network. Stan pretty much captures exactly what happened that day.

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Bad Dog, Good Volkswagen

I love this spot from Volkswagen. From the song selection to the casting (including the dog with the perfect guilty look!) Hysterical. And it demonstrates a product feature/benefit – the convenience of keyless access – in an engaging and entertaining way. I could watch it over and over again. Kudos to VW!

Rangers Bandwagon


It appears that the New York Rangers bandwagon is the Times Square Shuttle. Hockey fans know that the Rangers are hot, having finished the regular season in first place and starting the playoffs with a convincing win last night. But for those New Yorkers who haven’t noticed yet, the Rangers have wrapped an entire subway train to get the word out!

So make sure you get on the Rangers bandwagon before this train leaves the station.

Go Rangers!


I love when creative and placement work together to create a relevant and memorable brand impression. This clever marriage of the message and the medium from BBC America drives home  the impression that BBC America delivers a serious, high quality product, while differentiating itself from the competition in a highly memorable way.

Marketing Never Stops

With such a large portion of Nike’s business intertwined with the fortunes of the NBA, their new viral video, “Basketball Never Stops,” is brilliant marketing. Its early success (4.2 million views in its first week) suggests that Nike’s timing – just as the NBA games would have been starting – and the creative – depicting all the places the game is still played, except an NBA arena – are spot on. So, is it just me, or would this video have been even more powerful if they had left out the NBA players?